About Us


We’re new parents, living in the SF/Oakland area, where most couples are still negotiating the depth of their relationships and whether they can even call it a “relationship”. And then there’s us – stuck in perpetual wanderlust, constantly trying to figure out our next vacation – but a baby-friendly one! So, here we are, slowly figuring out that restaurant reservations won’t always be met and that staying in a yurt in Big Sur will just not be warm enough for a baby. Here we are, realizing we can’t go to a movie theater to catch up on the Oscar nominees, that a trip to the gym must be made before 1 – when their day care attendant leaves, that meals must be scarfed down whenever there are a few minutes to spare, and that letting her cry for a few minutes while we rush to the toilet is really ok. Here we are, thinking nights with a baby are really not as horrible as we’d heard, worrying if the fact that we play Adele or Whitney Houston because it gets her to stop crying means we’re bad parents, and trying to decide if Burt’s Bees is REALLY the best diaper creme out there (because we just don’t like the consistency of it). Here we are, learning and discovering right along with our adorable little girl. Here we are, wingin’ it.


Please Note: All photography on this blog is via iPhone.

One comment

  1. Chris

    Well as long as it’s a diva, she’ll stop crying. Of course that clearly does not include Daddy diva :).

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