Number one on our list of priorities, as parents, is to keep our children safe. Healthy, free of disease and illness, vax-ed/non-vax-ed, far from the bullies, away from the boogeyman (the one we swear to our kids doesn’t exist, but we all know he does – at least, we can honestly promise that he’s not under the bed or hiding in the closet). But no matter how many, and what type, of baby monitors we get, try as we might, we can’t keep up with the dangers that abound in our homes.

I already have so much anxiety over baby-proofing, and Yasmine’s not even crawling, yet. Our home is full of sharp corners and low, dense, wood furniture. There are bookshelves. A hallway with three “sunburst mirrors” with long spikes that sit flat against the wall – until of course they don’t. Picture frames. An un-mounted flat screen TV that has too many wires behind it. And of course there’s the kitty litter box. But like I said, Yasmine is not even crawling, yet, so we have… a month or two before those become immediate dangers.

There are more pressing concerns, however. Last night, both Chris and I freaked out when we were playing with Yasmine on her little floor blanket, and we found one of those clear plastic price tag/fastener things on it. We have no idea where it came from. If that wasn’t enough, I lay down next to Yasmine to nurse her to sleep at bedtime, and realized with a start that I had change in my jeans pocket. I hardly ever use cash anymore, so I’d forgotten that when you pay with cash – you get coins back. Ugh. I frantically searched the bed to make sure none had slipped out of my pocket.

I know there are parents who don’t feel the need to “baby-proof”. And perhaps they’ve got the right idea. Maybe you can train your child to not touch wires or stick their fingers in outlets or go near sharps table corners or put coins and plastic price tag fasteners in their mouth. Maybe. I don’t think I can. There are some parents who put their kids in play pens. Maybe, just maybe, I will, too. In fact, who am I kidding, I most probably will.

For now, I’ll try to enjoy these non-mobile days…

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