Bounce, Bounce!

A What? A Jumperoo. Basically, it is a seat, suspended about 2.5 feet from the ground, in a frame, with the help of cables. There are various toys attached to it, that the child can manipulate in multiple ways. But most importantly, when the child sits in this odd-looking contraption, he/she is able to bounce/jump away, setting off the music and lights on the console. This in turn makes the child want to jump more, which means more lights and sounds, etc.

I researched this odd toy for about 2 months. There were several designs to choose from, even a few different brands. Some looked better than others, some didn’t work as well, some were just way too expensive. After going back and forth between the FP Precious Planets vs Rainforest ones, we settled for the latter. Why? Because while the Precious Planets one looks slightly better and more streamlined, the Rainforest had the capability of being folded and tasted away. Of course, now that we’re finally using it, I’m realizing that foldability is a useless advantage. Believe me, it’s not going to be folded and put away for a while. I also liked that this one had a higher seat back, so I child could lean back against it if they got tired. Oh and it was about $30 cheaper. And you can buy a whole other toy for $30.

So, I put together the jumperoo and was super excited to get Yasmine in it. Certain she was going to have a blast. But no. At not quite 4 months, she was really not ready for it. What it did do, however, was help her stand (and stay) upright, which she really started loving about 1.5 months ago. I started putting her in the jumperoo once a day, for about 15-30 minutes.

Now, I’ve read complaints that even at the lowest setting, babies feet don’t reach the floor. As I anticipated this problem, I already had a folded blanket ready, to place under her feet. But about a week or so ago, I in noticed I really didn’t have to do this, so I stopped. Her feet were reaching the floor fine. I’ve also heard the rumor that it may not be good for baby’s hip development – I made sure to talk to her pediatrician about this before I bought the jumperoo. My only complaint with this jumperoo, is that maybe it’s not sensitive enough? Only time will tell.

Anyway. I sat her in the jumperoo today and she started bouncing! Yippee! She’d bounce a few times, get the music going, then turn to me and grin – so proud of herself! Eventually, she got tired and set her head down on the cushion, nibbling away on the teething toy attached. When I picked her up, she was tired and ready for a nap. Perfect! :O)


  1. Nelson

    Foldability is not a useless advantage! My son used ir for 3 months maybe, my daughtr will use it 2 years later. Guess where it has spent
    The majority of its time; in storage!

    • Hee hee. Yes, of course. Between babies… it will get folded away :O) As it is, I keep hearing from different people how long their kids actually enjoyed the jumperoo. Some are still in it after 1!

      P.S.- When are we getting together? :O)

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